1. the Indonesian word ‘sayang’

    I’ve always loved the word ‘sayang’. 

    It’s a term used to express endearment and affection. It can be equated to ‘dear’, ‘darling’ or ‘sweetheart’ when referring a person. The word itself could also mean ‘like’ or ‘love’ but in its usage, I find it is much deeper than that.

    Whenever I heard the word ‘sayang’, it always expresses a mixture of emotions. 
    It’s not ‘cinta’ which means love -often used to express romantic love and also familial love. ‘Sayang’ is more about affection, care, liking/loving as it is. Doesn’t mean it’s not as deep or meaningful though.

    Whenever I hear ‘cinta’, it makes me think of those passionate feelings. Like a need or a want, maybe even possessive to a certain extent, like ‘Aku cinta kamu’ (I love you) or “Cinta seorang ibu ke anaknya’ (a mother’s love to her child). For some reason I feel a certain hold, grabbing sense to the word.

    But whenever I heard ‘sayang’, there’s a sense of affection and acceptance. It exudes warmth, care and softness. It also feels more unconditional when used in a sentence, for example: ‘Aku sayang kamu’ doesn’t translate directly to just ‘I love/like you’ but it’s more like ‘I care about you, deeply.’

    Perhaps it is closer to ‘I adore you’

    So in some sense, I feel most of the time ‘sayang’ word is a stronger word to express love because with ‘cinta’, there’s always a feeling of ‘pamrih’ (reward/purpose, like ‘you make me feel the love’) but with ‘sayang’ it’s more unconditional, more sincere. 

    The interesting part about the word ‘sayang’ is also its other uses, such as when it’s being used in a conversation like this:
    "Aku nggak dapet posisi yang aku mau." (I didn’t get the position I wanted/didn’t get the job.)
    "Ah.. Sayang sekali!" (Ah… that’s too bad!)
    "Iya, sayang ya." (Yeah, what a pity.)

    Now when used and translated like this, it sounded negative, but there’s no direct translation for what it actually expresses. When used in such context (aka loss) the usage of ‘sayang’ expresses acceptance to certain extent. There’s still a strong sense of loss, regret and sadness, but usually the usage signifies that the person who says it already in the process of letting go, or else they wouldn’t use the word. It’s quite complex.

    Thus, the emotions conjured by the word ‘sayang’ while usually less passionate than ‘cinta’, seems more enduring as the feelings involved simmers actively just beneath the surface. Slowly, but surely.

    It’s just a beautiful, sincere word to express an act of unconditional affection, or a more durable kind of love, that could stand through the tests of time.


  2. Laugh, laugh and laugh it away. Laugh it off instead of grieving- not to hide your grief but because you fully understood that it’s another way to cope, as life could be an absolute tragicomedy. Laugh honestly and sincerely… then keep on moving on.


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  5. 'Getting to know Joko Widodo' #1

    art by me, text by Marina & Me

    in Indonesian


  6. Hey, for $5 I will draw you one quick illustration of you or someone else’s bust/portrait in this style, click for more info… 



    offline streaming of .. me moderating a comic show. Feels like back in 70s due to the video quality. In Indonesian.

    The topic is about #Kosasih day, which is a day for celebrating the late mr. R.A Kosasih, the father of indonesian comics, where we celebrate also comics in Indonesia. This is the first year it’s celebrated. 

    full disclosure, I was just an attendee but then suddenly I was the moderator… it did not end well!

    (Because I encourage fights :P) 


    A post about my comiconnexion blog entries written by Wim Lockefeerthanks I am so honored!! 
    (that first photo i think I was 22? oh my  )


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  11. biimyselfandi:

    The Unknown: A Path Worth Pursuing

    "Where are you going?"
    "Outer space!"
    "What’s in outer space?"
    "Who knows?  Come with me and we’ll find out!"
    "But, that sounds scary…aren’t you scared?"

    Sometimes, the scariest, unknown paths are the ones worth pursuing the most.


    This is a somewhat early birthday present for jho-tan.
    Her power animal, her muse, or rather, the symbolic projection of herself was a character called, “Spaceduck”.  She is an acquaintance of mine back from days.  We talked about art, aspirations, and even….changing our minds about art, and possibly, pursuing other “career” avenues.

    That is merely grazing the surface.  That was a long, long time ago.  Things worked out.  Believe me.  Things worked out.

    I wanted to pay homage to Spaceduck, to the good ol’ days.  Look how far you’ve come, little duck.

    As for the piece itself:  Nope.  No background.  No illustrative symbols.  You can appreciate it as a cute, funny duck picture.  You can appreciate it as a “dare to be different” picture.  You can fill the background with whatever dream or aspiration you desire.  The sky is the limit, isn’t it?  And it’s filled with the beautiful, and frightening, unknown…

    Happy birthday, Jho.   Never stop believing.

    Bii this is amazing :( thank you so much and I dont even celebrate my birthdays!! i miss talking to you but I no longer have AIM.. where can I reach you nowadays? x

    ps I love the little now, it really suits what I’m going through right now. I hope you’re also on/going to the path you wanna be in.